Water Heater Igniter No Spark: What Happens and What Are the Solutions?

Do you know what to do when your water heater igniter no spark? When the igniter doesn’t spark, you won’t be able to use your heater. No need to fret just yet.

If you understand how the heater works and the function of the igniter, you can learn about the possible reasons behind the absence of a spark. And there are some possible solutions that you can do before you give up and reach out to the professional service.

The function of the Igniter

The main function of the igniter is to light up the gas. That’s why it’s called an igniter because it’s supposed to ignite the device. When you turn the switch on, you should be able to see a small spark that lights up the pilot.

But if you have turned it on repeatedly and you can’t see any spark, your device has an issue within the system. Basically, when there is no spark, your heater won’t be able to turn on and run.

water heater igniter no spark

Why Is My Hot Water Heater Not Igniting?

In most cases, when there is water heater igniter no spark, there is likely something wrong with the spark electrode. Some issues may happen with it:

  • The pilot line may be clogged. Check whether there is debris or dirt that obstructs the line. If there is any, clean it up. You can also consider replacing it.
  • Loose wire connections. When there is one loose wire connection, it may affect the function of the device. Make sure that tightened properly.
  • The piezo igniter may be faulty. If the entire igniter is faulty, then it’s logical if there is no spark.
  • Broken electrode. The electrode is the one responsible for releasing the spark. So, when it’s broken, no spark won’t be generated. It means that you will have to replace the electrode completely.
  • Grime or carbon deposit on the pilot light. When there is a smudge on the pilot light, it may be difficult to spark. You may want to clean the electrode’s tip using sandpaper or dry cloth. It will remove rust, dirt, or debris.

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How to Check It

If you want to try making the repair on your own, you must have insulated pliers. The regular ones AREN’T safe. If you don’t have one, then DON’T try to do the fix yourself. You may endanger not only yourself but your family too.

If you have the insulated pliers, you can do it to remove the igniter. Separate the igniter from the heater. Don’t forget to turn the gas supply off first before doing any removal. While doing so, check for any cracks or breaks. If you see any crack, it’s a sure thing to replace the igniter.

What if you don’t find any crack? Try connecting it to the heater’s electrode. If you press the igniter and you see a spark, the igniter isn’t the culprit. But if you don’t see a spark at all, then it’s a sure thing that the igniter is the reason for the issue. You will have to replace it.

Water Heater Igniter Replacement Cost

In general, the repair cost depends greatly on the type of issue or what parts to replace. It also depends on your location (living in the city means you will have to spend more money than in the rural area).

However, the standard pricing for the igniter replacement cost may start from around $75 to around $350. You should check your local service to really understand the exact pricing.

You must contact the professional service if you are clueless about everything. Only do a DIY job if you are sure about your ability. If not, immediately contact a professional when the issue water heater igniter no spark happens to you.

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