How to Reset Rheem Water Heater Easily at Home

Rheem water heater not turning on could be a serious problem. Especially in cold weather. Hence, you need to understand the steps on how to reset rheem water heater at home.

Knowing this manual could be the best knowledge for you. It is a lifesaver for those of you who live on your own. Resetting the water heater could save you the trouble of overloading the unit. For information, here is the best tutorial to reset the water heater at home:

How to Reset Rheem Water Heater

Water heater reset is an easy task if you know how. It is essential to reset your unit to prevent it from overloading or breaking. Here are the five steps to follow to reset the machine yourself. Check it out.

how to reset rheem water heater

  1. Relocate The Circuit

The first thing to do to prepare for the resetting process is to relocate the water heater circuit. Next, you need to check whether the circuit is on or off. Also, do not forget to check from time to time for safety. This step is very crucial, so you do not get any harm.

  1. Panel Cover

The next step is to remove the panel cover. Remove the plastic cover after that try to pull and lift the cover. Then, you can undo the clip on the panel cover. If successful in undoing the clip, you can see the thermostat on your heater. Take the cover and reset the button behind the insulation.

  1. Release The Component

If you finish the second step, you need to press the button inwardly. After that, try to wait until it clicks. If it is already connected and in place, release the component.

  1. Take The Cover

You need to return the panel cover to reset the Rheem on your water heater. Replacing it will help the water heater work appropriately in the future. Therefore, you need to try to replace the cover.

  1. Check The Rheem

The next step is to check the gas valve condition. Whether it is connected or not. If the gas valve is not connected, you need to place it again so it can be reconnected.

  1. Check The Water Heater

If you have finished those steps above, try to check the water heater’s condition. Check if it is working correctly or if there is some other problem.

Rheem Water Heater Blinking Light Codes    

If you want to know whether you need to reset the rheem of the water heater at home, you can try to pay attention to the blinking light. The blinking light could be an indication of a problem with this component. Here are the blinking lights of the water heater and their meaning.

  • Blinking red light once every three seconds: This means that the water heater is working correctly and normally.
  • Blinking red light seven times: This means there is a problem with the gas control valve.
  • Blinking blue light: This means the component of the flammable valor sensor is in lockout mode.
  • Blinking four times every three seconds: Either the thermostat is broken, the wiring is loose, the reset button on the high-limit switch is faulty, or the heating component is in bad condition.
  • Blinking five times every three seconds: There is a problem with the water temperature sensor.
  • Blinking red light seven times every three seconds: This means there is a problem with the gas control valve.
  • Blinking blue light five times every three seconds: This means the pressure switch is at fault.


Whoever said that resetting the Rheem water heater is a challenging task must never do it themselves. With this tutorial, you will quickly understand how to reset rheem water heater on your own. You need to pay attention to every step, and your heater will work just fine like new.

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