Honeywell Water Heater Reset Button [An Easy Guide]

Imagine this: It’s Monday morning and rather cold. You’ve pressed the snooze button six times, and you probably would have pressed it a seventh time if your husband hadn’t threatened to suffocate you while you slept. Instead, you groan, pull the covers aside, and go to the restroom.

After turning on the shower, you wait for the wonderful steam to burst the curtain before entering. Then, after you soap up, your wonderful, hot shower abruptly turns into what amounts to sleet.

Honeywell Water Heater Reset Button

Begin by addressing the gas valve, which is crucial for the operation of your Honeywell water heater. A humorous yet effective approach might threaten the valve with maintenance, hoping it complies verbally and the honeywell water heater reset button reverts to its normal one-blink mode.

While this is unlikely to have a real effect, it’s a light-hearted way to start troubleshooting.

honeywell water heater reset button

Even though we won’t be meddling with the pipes, turn off the gas to be safe. In addition, set the black dial to Off. You won’t be shocked if you touch wires because this isn’t linked to household current.

Remove the ivory-colored plastic face of the gas valve from the unit’s back. The following are the requirements:

  1. First, how to reset water heater is to remove a black wire from the white plastic rectangle. Then, to separate it, pull on the wire below the object.
  2. To unhook the red and white wires, straighten the black clamps on each cable. If necessary, use the screwdriver from underneath to pry them free. On the wires, the clips remain. You can plug them back in the proper direction using the gas valve’s “red” and “white.” Note that if they, for some weird reason, don’t match the real wire colors.
  3. Remove a screw from the gas valve’s bottom.
  4. Two plastic clips at the top of the cover attach it. To release the clips, firmly press down on the plastic cover before them. Depending on your level of resolve and finger strength, you might need the screwdriver to depress the tabs. Be kind to it since it’s only plastic. This new valve displays the tabs on the back.
  5. To remove the cover, pull it straight out. Although it technically can flip up if you push hard enough, you risk breaking it.

Where Is The Reset Button On A Honeywell Water Heater

The reset button on a Honeywell water heater is specifically designed to function when the heating chamber overheats, a safety feature that prevents damage to the unit.

In such cases, the pilot light may go out, and the system won’t indicate the usual four flashes reserved for different issues. This reset mechanism is crucial for maintaining the heater’s safety and operational integrity.

When you install a tankless water heater from Honeywell, you’ll find that, unlike traditional tank water heaters with a storage tank, these models don’t store hot water but instead heat it on demand.

This makes the reset button’s role even more critical, as it helps quickly resolve issues without the need to heat and store hot water again, ensuring the system remains energy efficient.

Honeywell Water Heater Troubleshooting

An innovative Honeywell Water Heater thermostat/valve continuously monitors water temperature and turns the gas on and off as needed without requiring a battery.

Thermopile technology, which transforms thermal energy into electrical energy, is used. Multiple thermocouples are linked in series to provide around 350 mV of energy. What a clever thing!

Unless the water heater reset button is not functioning.

How Long For Hot Water Heater To Heat After Reset

Let’s speak about the typical recovery period for a water heater and what constitutes a “rapid” recovery. It makes it simple to see whether yours takes much longer than normal.

For instance, the typical recovery period for an 80-gallon tank entering the water at 62 degrees is as follows:

  • 60-70 minutes (for a gas tank water heater)
  • 120 minutes (for an electric tank water heater)

You’ll observe that gas water heaters heat water considerably more quickly. Gas water heaters employ burners, which heat water more quickly than electric water heater heating coils because they reach higher temperatures more quickly.

However, they are only fast averages for comparison. Next, we’ll discuss several important factors that influence the recovery time of your water heater. As a result, your recovery rate may be greater or lower than the national average.

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Bottom Line

The gas valve will never function again if it has previously identified a “water too hot” occurrence unless you know how to reset it. You may save delays and hundreds of dollars in plumber costs by repairing the Honeywell water heater reset button that has gone on strike.

Make careful to address the issue that led to the overheating first; typically, this entails draining the tank (recommended as periodic maintenance anyway).

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