An Expert Guide on Honeywell Water Heater Status Light

It may be the solution to your issue and a simple remedy if your water heater has a Honeywell gas valve and you discover you have no hot water.

The “High-Temperature Shutdown” setting of the Honeywell water heater status light was activated. The gas valve closes, extinguishing the pilot light and preventing your water heater from continuing to heat the water. The LED water heater status light is not on to assist you in identifying the issue. But don’t worry. Your water heater may be fixed in only five minutes, easily.

honeywell water heater status light

Honeywell Water Heater Status Light

The Red Status Light Doesn’t Blink

The status light may not be flashing for several reasons, including:

  • The gas control valve wiring is faulty, or the connections are loose,
  • the thermopile is not hot enough,
  • air is in the gas line,
  • the thermal switch has triggered, and
  • the pilot is out of commission

The energy produced by the thermopile power the gas control valve of this water heater. The thermopile may need up to 90 seconds to heat up sufficiently to operate the gas control valve once the pilot is lit. When that occurs, the status light will blink normally once every three seconds.

Refer to the status light blinking blue code label on the gas control valve if the status light blinks more than once every three seconds.

Honeywell Status Light Code

To further explain what the error codes, or cause of no status light on honeywell water heater, let’s talk about them.

The proper operation of your water heater is indicated by one flash every three seconds. The flashes, or error codes, however, signal your water heater has a problem that has to be fixed if you observe no flash or more than one.

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Steps to Fix 4 Flashes on Honeywell Gas Valve

1. The “OFF” setting on the temperature control knob. My water heater’s instructions state that you should wait five to ten minutes after the knob has to turn to the “OFF” position before igniting the pilot. Before the status light blinks white, doing this will let any unburned gases evaporate.

2. Once the knob is in the “PILOT” position, depress it.

3. Press the “igniter” (piezo igniter) button quickly, roughly once every second, while keeping the knob in the “PILOT” position until you see the LED Honeywell status light code flash four times. It should just take a minute, perhaps less.

Your water heater entered “High-Temperature Shutdown” mode/status and shut down, as shown by the four flashes at the LED Honeywell status light.

4. Turn the temperature control knob to the “VERY HOT” level as soon as you notice four flashes at the LED status light. For 10 seconds, keep the knob in the “VERY HOT” position. Count to ten.

5. For the next 10 seconds, turn the temperature control knob to the “HOT” setting. Do a 10-second count.

6. For 10 seconds, turn the temperature control knob to the “PILOT” position. Do a 10-second count.

7. Now that the Honeywell water heater reset burner has ignited, you may adjust the temperature control knob to your preferred level. (Note: Your water heater may eventually stop operating again and enter “High-Temperature Shutdown” if you set the temperature control knob above “HOT.”

Final Thought

Well done! You just saved yourself from paying a plumber to fix something you could have fixed yourself without needing to buy a new gas valve, water heater, or other appliance.

Please remember this, though. If your temperature control knob is set to any temperature setting above “Hot,” the water heater status light with this common issue will probably enter the “High-Temperature Shutdown” state again.

This implies that if you set your temperature control knob to “A,” “B,” “C,” or “Very Hot,” your water heater can eventually cease operating once more. The typical issue with some of these Honeywell gas valves is that the Honeywell water heater status light blinking green.

But if your water heater does experience another “High-Temperature Shutdown,” you will be prepared to handle the problem on your own by knowing how to override and reset the error code.

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