Is a Leaking Water Heater An Emergency? Find Out Now

In every household unit machine, leaking is never a good sign. This also applies to your water heater. However, is a leaking water heater an emergency? You should know more about it.

A leak in a water heater is definitely a problem. Moreover, it could lead to other problems as the leaking continues. In that case, you should understand more if the leaking in your place will lead to something more dangerous.

Leaking Water Heater Is An Emergency?

The water heater is leaking; could it be hazardous? This question has been on the mind of every water heater owner all this time. To understand the answer, you must know that a leak in every home appliance unit is a sign of a problem, even if it is small. Moreover, continuous leaking could also lead to severe problems threatening the house’s owner.

is a leaking water heater an emergency

The serious problem we are talking about is the damage caused by the water. It could damage the house with the floods it causes if it is severe. After the floods, you might face other issues, such as mold. Even though the chance of the water heater causing floods is relatively low, the opportunity is still there.

Besides the problem of water flooding at home, another is the danger when the hot water touches the skin, and the unit decides to break down.

To solve these problems, you need to seek some advice from experts or use a professional service. Therefore, these issues will no longer trouble you.

Will A Leaking Water Heater Explode?

Does a cracked water heater lead to an explosion? Unfortunately, this is one of the rare situations that could happen to a water heater. However, the odds are it could appear on your leaking unit water heater. To notice this trouble beforehand, you need to see the leak’s source.

If the leaking source is from the Temperature and Pressure valve, you might need to brace yourself. This kind of valve is used to help release pressure and control the temperature inside the unit. Usually, it will not give any water until the pressure is at 150 PSI and the temperature is at 210° F.

The T&P valve is placed on the upper part of the tank. It is a small pipe with a downward drain. If there is leaking in this pipe, you should turn off the water heater.

The leaking hot water heater on this pipe means that some unusual temperatures and pressure could lead to an explosion. If you find any leaking in this valve, contact a professional for expert advice.

What to Do If Water Heater is Leaking from Bottom?

If leaking is happening, do not panic. Here are the things you could do yourself if a cracked water heater is in appearance. Check it out.

  1. The first step is to determine the location of the leak or crack. For reference, you can see the drain valve and water heater’s tank, especially the bottom of the tank.
  2. After determining the location, you must turn off the water heater and the water supply.
  3. Find the circuit and flip it to turn off the electric water heater.
  4. For a gas water heater, search for a switch and turn it off.
  5. Suppose the leaking is in the tank or the valve. This professional help will make your water heater new again. However, there is a chance that you need to replace the unit.


Here they are; the information is a leaking water heater an emergency or not. Knowing this information could help you understand what to do and how you should react to a leak in your household unit, especially a water heater. Therefore, you can understand the best treatment to do when it comes to this problem.

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